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Yellowstone Co-stars Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison Confirm Romance in Fiery Way

Are you a fan of the drama series Yellowstone? If so, you’ll be thrilled to hear that two of its co-stars, Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison, have taken their onscreen chemistry to the next level with a confirmed romantic relationship. In a recent social media post, Ryan shared a photo of the couple sharing a kiss in front of a fire, captioning it “more than a spark.” Hassie responded with “I love you, cowboy.” Let’s dive into the details of this fiery new romance.

A Budding Romance in the Spotlight

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison are known for their roles as ranch hand Walker and barrel racer Laramie in the hit series Yellowstone. Their undeniable chemistry onscreen has led to rumors of a real-life romance for some time, and now the actors have confirmed it themselves with their passionate Instagram post.

It’s still early days in their relationship, but fans of the show are excited to see how their romance will play out. The couple has already received an outpouring of support from fans and fellow cast members alike.

The Story Behind the Kiss

The Instagram post that confirmed Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison’s romance was a fiery one, quite literally. The couple was seen kissing in front of an open flame, which Ryan captioned as “more than a spark.” Hassie’s response of “I love you, cowboy” left fans swooning.

While the couple has not shared many details about their relationship, it’s clear that they are happy and in love. Fans will be eagerly watching to see how their love story unfolds both on and off screen.

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison kissing in front of a fire.
A Work Romance or the Real Deal?

It’s not uncommon for co-stars to develop a close relationship on set, but how often does that relationship turn into a real-life romance? For Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison, it seems that their onscreen chemistry has translated into a true love connection.

While it’s never easy to navigate a romantic relationship in the public eye, Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison seem to be handling it with grace and humour. Fans are excited to see more of them both onscreen and off.


Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison are the latest celebrity couple to capture fans’ hearts with their whirlwind romance. Their confirmed relationship has left fans of Yellowstone eager to see how their onscreen chemistry will evolve in new and exciting ways.

If you’re a fan of Yellowstone or romantic love stories, be sure to keep an eye on Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting new couple.

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