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World Environment Day: why it is celebrated on June 5

As a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of climate change, the General Assembly of the United Nations decided to establish a day of reflection.

World Environment Day


The climate is a problem that little by little is affecting all people worldwide, due to the contamination that has increased over the years. The United Nations Organization and several NGOs decided to establish a date to be able to debate and open a space for awareness and reflection on the problems that environmental pollution can bring.

International Environment Day and the celebration in 2023

As usual every year, the UN decides to establish a campaign with a slogan and a theme, which people and organizations will focus on. For this year it was decided to opt for the motto “No plastic pollution” since it is one of the materials that take the longest to degrade and affects the world the most.

It is estimated that around 400 million tons of plastic are produced each year, and approximately 20 million of them end up in rivers or seas, affecting not only the environment but also flora and fauna. Based on these data, it was decided to work on this problem this year, being of an urgent nature.

However, the purpose of the day does not have a particular explanation or event, but the United Nations Organization and with the help of states from around the world, they determined that dealing with this problem was very important, in order to generate change at the global level.

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