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“Enhancing the Bing AI Experience on Android and iOS with New Updates”

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Microsoft’s Bing AI on Android and iOS is receiving a range of exciting updates, including a homescreen widget and enhanced functionalities. In this article, we will explore these updates and their impact on the Bing AI experience.

Bing Homescreen Widget for Android and iOS

Microsoft recently announced the introduction of a homescreen widget for Bing on both Android and iOS platforms. This widget offers users convenient access to Bing and allows them to engage in AI chat experiences through voice commands or the keyboard. With this addition, Microsoft has outpaced Google, which is planning a similar widget for Bard.

Continued Conversations with Bing Chatbot

Users of the Bing app on mobile can now seamlessly continue their conversations with the AI chatbot across mobile and desktop instances. Although this feature requires a QR code scan to transfer the conversation, it provides a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. Microsoft aims to make this feature available to all users within the next week.

SwiftKey Integration

Microsoft has introduced support for SwiftKey, enabling users to compose messages using Bing’s AI capabilities. This integration allows for enhanced typing experiences and smoother interaction with Bing AI functionalities.

Contextual Chat Information and Summarization

Bing has gained a powerful new ability to utilize contextual information from webpages accessed through Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android. This means Bing can now provide answers and insights based on the specific webpage users are viewing. Additionally, it can generate summaries of webpages upon request, enhancing the overall search experience. This feature also extends to selected text on webpages.


Microsoft’s recent updates to Bing on Android and iOS have significantly improved the AI experience. With the introduction of a homescreen widget, continued conversations, SwiftKey integration, and contextual information utilization, users can enjoy a more streamlined and intelligent search experience. Stay tuned for further advancements in Microsoft’s pursuit of excellence in AI-driven search technology.

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How to use Bing AI on Android?

Open the Bing app on your Android device.
Tap on the microphone icon or the search bar.
Speak or type your query, and Bing AI will provide relevant results and suggestions.

How do I Chat with Bing AI?

Visit the Bing website on your preferred web browser.
Locate the chat feature, usually found in the bottom right corner of the page.
Click on the chat icon to start a conversation with Bing AI.
Type your questions or statements, and Bing AI will respond accordingly.

How do I use Bing AI in Chrome?

Open Google Chrome on your computer.
Install the “Bing Search” extension from the Chrome Web Store.
Once installed, you can either set Bing as your default search engine or use it by typing your queries directly into the search bar.

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