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“Apple’s Highly Anticipated AR/VR Headset at WWDC 2023: Overcoming Challenges and Skepticism”

The tech giant is set to unveil its Apple AR/VR headset, rumoured to be called Apple Reality Pro, at WWDC 2023. However, the device already faces significant challenges and skepticism.

One major obstacle is its rumoured price of $3,000, which is expected to limit its appeal among consumers. Even if Apple releases a cheaper mixed reality headset, it still needs to overcome the perception that these devices and the metaverse have already reached their peak.

Meta (formerly Facebook) has shifted its focus to AI, and Google I/O 2023 only briefly mentioned its mixed reality partnership with Qualcomm and Samsung.

Michael Gartenberg, a former Apple marketing executive, expressed doubts about the headset, suggesting it could be a “tech flop.”

Nevertheless, Apple’s mixed reality headset is highly anticipated, and rumours suggest it will feature advanced technologies and complex manufacturing processes.

According to Chinese analysts, each unit of the headset is estimated to cost Apple around $1,500 to manufacture. The Bill of Materials (BoM) for the device, as detailed by Wellsenn XR, indicates that the components cost Apple approximately $1,400. When shipping costs are factored in, the total price per unit is expected to reach $1,600. Notably, the OLED displays are the most expensive components, with an estimated cost of $280 to $320 per unit. The camera arrangement, featuring 14 lenses, adds an additional expense of around $160.

In comparison to other headsets on the market, Apple’s manufacturing cost is considerably higher. The Meta Quest Pro, for instance, has a manufacturing cost that is half the price of Apple’s headset. The Meta headset was initially launched at $1,500 but later reduced to $999, allowing Meta to earn approximately $250 per unit.

Despite Apple’s success in conquering various product markets, doubts and internal debates within the company have reportedly plagued the development of the mixed-reality headset. Concerns have arisen regarding its appearance and popularity. However, if there are no further delays, CEO Tim Cook is expected to unveil the product at WWDC on June 5. The headset is described as resembling ski goggles, featuring an attached battery pack, and running on a new Apple operating system. The anticipated price tag for the device is around $3,000.

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When is Apple expected to unveil its AR/VR headset?

Apple is anticipated to unveil its AR/VR headset at WWDC 2023 on June 5.

What is the expected user experience of Apple’s AR/VR headset?

The headset is said to offer a mixed reality experience, combining virtual and augmented reality features. It will run on a new Apple operating system and have an attached battery pack.

What is the rumored price of Apple’s AR/VR headset?

The rumored price for Apple’s AR/VR headset is around $3,000.

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